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Article from Melton International Newsletter


Viv Anstey, Melton Cape Town Director, together with Lauren Snitcher (Marketing & Recruitment) have built the site into a respected, beloved resource for the community and beyond, collaborating with key partners Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Israel, Canada, and the UK to bring Melton learning to all curious seekers. Currently, learners’ ages range from 17-92 and engage in a variety of courses.

Most recently, Cape Town offered the Melton course “Holocaust as Reflected in Diaries & Memoirs” in a national collaboration with the Durban Holocaust and Genocide Centre. Including general learners as well as Holocaust Guides, Board Members of the Centres, and professionals, the course was a profound and transformative experience. Together, online learners marked the end of the course by lighting candles in memory of the six million and read entries honoring the dead from the personal diaries they’d kept throughout the course.

Can you tell us more about the Holocaust course collaboration? What was the feedback like?

See what our learners had to say here!

What are the Top 5 unique aspects of Melton Cape Town?

1.We work with youth movements to bring in new learners. Beyond Borders has been a very popular course for this audience. Right now, we’re on lesson 12 of 20, and our class includes high school learners, some currently on programs in Israel, many who stay on for 30-45 minutes after class is over to discuss their experiences and Israel affairs of the day. It’s been tremendously eye-opening for our teens and young adults in Cape Town.

2.Together with Melton scholar in residence Zohar Raviv, Vice President of Taglit-Birthright, we encouraged teachers from local Jewish day schools to take Melton courses so they can either deepen their knowledge or, if they are not Jewish or have little Jewish education, understand the context of their workplace environment. The school sponsors them because it’s always valuable and powerful. This kind of investment and development for educators is unique.

3.Another unique feature, at least for us in South Africa, is that we recruit teachers from Orthodox, progressive, and secular backgrounds. We recruit teachers based on their skillset, and the art of matching the right faculty to the right material. It’s exciting for me to see the amount of talent we have in our own community, while also widening our faculty reach by teaching for Melton international online.

4.I’m proud to have been a part of motivating Melton to develop a social justice curriculum, “Social Justice: The Heart of Judaism in Theory and Practice.” We ensured that this course content went global and has included South African text and context, including South Africa’s history apartheid. We learn about the struggle heroes of that era and the constitutional issues with seminal texts involved. We hope to partner with a social entrepreneurship organization to immerse students into the responsibilities of advocacy and rights. .

5.We “adopted” a small group of Jewish learners from a nearby retirement village! The group takes classes from Purposes of Jewish Living, History of the Cairo Geniza, and Sinai to Seinfeld to the new Living Wisdom courses. These octogenarians are Melton stalwarts who have adapted to online learning.

What’s your favorite part of being a Melton Director?

I love strengthening and building our community through the lens of knowledge. It’s a huge achievement that Melton has existed in Cape Town for 16 years now – and continues to attract new learners. I think there’s a wonderful ripple effect through individuals, families, and schools.

Do you have any special stories about your learners?

We had a lovely synergy in our previous Beyond Borders cohort – a mother and her teenage son took the course together. She has just been elected chairperson of the South African Zionist Federation & her son won the Bnei Akiva Israel Quiz unit at summer camp, as well as headed the school’s Zionism portfolio. They both had a lot to contribute and were able to bond in their quest for knowledge.

To learn more about Melton Cape Town, please visit www.meltoncapetown.org.

Melton methods enable 4000 year old texts
to speak to a 21st century world.
Discover a curriculum that is interactive, empowering and non-prescriptive.
NO Tests, NO Homework, KNOW Judaism!

The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning, a project of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is the largest inclusive adult Jewish education network in the world.

Melton fosters Jewish literacy through comprehensive, non-prescriptive text-based interactive Jewish study within a world-class curriculum that informs and inspires adult learners from all knowledge-levels and backgrounds.

The classic programme comprises a Core Curriculum, Foundations of Jewish Family Living and Graduate Curricula made up of Jewish Civilization and Shivim Panim.

The Melton methodology enables 4000 year old texts to speak to a 21st century world.

Discover a comprehensive text-based curriculum that is interactive, empowering and non-prescriptive.

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Melton in South Africa is operated by the Midrasha Adult Education Institute and is a project of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Melton relies on the generosity of donors to remain affordable, viable and sustainable. See a list of current donors here. Click here to donate.


medal1“In receiving the Florence Melton Award, Cape Town’s Melton has established itself as a global centre of excellence. [Director] Viv Anstey’s achievements now serve as a benchmark for our other Melton directors in the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia.”
Dr Jonathan Mirvis, Melton International Director 

“Cape Town’s success lies in two areas The exceptional quality and dedication of the Melton faculty, Jeremy Wanderer, Esther Maizels, Ronnie Gotkin, Yoni Hoffman Wanderer, Aviva Laskov and now Bryan Opert who are handpicked for the courses they teach; and, the other feature of excellence is the depth and breadth of Melton’s academic curriculum. It has made an important mark on Jewish learning in the city.” 
Viv Anstey,
Director of Melton School in Cape Town

I am impressed by what Melton has brought to Cape Town. After sharing the Cape Town context to the directors and staff, he pledged Telfed’s commitment to work with Melton to bridge Israel and Cape Town through education.
Sidney Shapiro,
Director of Telfed, The South African Zionist Federation