Holy People Holy Speech

‘God blew into Man a living soul…’ (Genesis 2:7). Onkelos, the commentator,  translates ‘living soul’ –as ‘the power of speech’. Verbal communication is our highest creative power; it distinguishes man from beast. Animals may communicate, but only mankind uses speech to access and express concepts and ideas.

Words are our primary vehicle for expression; the bridge between ethereal thought and the tangible projection of self onto reality.

G-d expresses His manner of creation using speech and G-d transmitted the Code of Ethics at Sinai by speaking.

A series on the holiness of speech often focusses on the destructive nature Loshon Hora (gossip). This series however discusses the numerous positive and beautiful ways speech may be used as well.

The course deal with concepts like our spoken Names and how they are used so effectively in the Torah, and our own lives- these are words deeply connected to identity and memory.

Moses and Aharon the two central figures of the development of the Jewish people each have a fraught relationship with speech. We will explore the power of leadership and speech.

Hurtful speech causes anguish and leaves destruction in its wake. The lesson will move from the mystical to the mundane when exploring the damage of Cruel Speech And Gossip.

Central to Judaism, in some-form or other, is Prayer- a powerful form of speech!! This beautiful power is given to humankind to express their deepest hopes, dreams and even pain when ‘hurled’ upwards.

In Ecclesiastes King Solomon declares “Life and death are in the hand of the tongue,” expressing the power of one of the central aspects of the Human Condition. We will work towards understanding this statement.