For over 10 years, The Midrasha Adult Education Institute (Cape Town) has offered text based Jewish Literacy programmes of excellence, which are either locally designed or imported. The Midrasha’s vision is to empower each student and facilitate their personal journey of Jewish growth.

Midrasha Programmes

The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning in Cape Town

Join over 650 Cape Town Melton students (a programme run by The Midrasha) from all walks of life who have attended courses of international acclaim compiled by The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning, a Project of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Melton methodology offers a text based, academic curriculum which is interactive and non-prescriptive. Ponder over ancient and contemporary Jewish sources, covering Philosophy, Life Cycle, History and Ethics.



image007Torah Chessed: Jewish Ethics and Social Justice

Why does Judaism care about making the world a better place?  In this course, we will discuss Judaism’s ethical roots and question whether there is a specifically Jewish way of improving the world.  How do Jewish perspectives on humanity and the purpose of life affect our attitude toward giving to others?  What perspectives on social responsibility are found in Jewish sources and how do they make a difference to the way in which we contribute to society and give to others?

The course will be taught by Anthony Knopf. It will run on Wednesday evenings
from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM at Herzlia High School, starting 17 February.  (5 lessons)

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image001Jews and Race in the Civil Rights Era

Jews and Race in the Civil Rights Era is presented by Adam Mendelsohn over three Wednesday evenings, discover Jewish outsized involvement in the civil rights struggles of both America and South Africa. Were the backgrounds and motivations of these activists the same? More ...

Torah and Science

Presented by Rabbi Sam Thurgood, this one-hour-a-week over 8 weeks course endeavours to answer far reaching questions surrounding religion and science.


Presented by Bryan Opert, this 10-week course is back-to-basics for those who wish to become familiar with what’s in the siddur. Never be confused in shul again! Here’s an opportunity to find out exactly what’s going on, what to say and do and why.

Mysticism and Kabbalah: Secret Knowledge in Judaism

Getting beyond Madonna, red strings, and hocus pocus, this study of Mysticism and Kabbalah provides a deep, accurate, and intellectually honest understanding of what for centuries has been esoteric knowledge available only to a chosen few..

Jews & Gentiles:  An analysis of writings

Course information to appear here soon

Jews & Social Justice

Course information to appear here  soon

Women in Jewish Law

Course information to appear here  soon

Midrasha’s past international visiting scholars:

Rabbi Morey Schwartz, Educational Director, Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning, Hebrew University

Dr Yonatan Mirvis, Former Melton International Director, Hebrew University Academic

Haim Aronowitz, Melton, Hebrew University

Rabbi Menachem Liebtag, Tanach Study Centre

Judy Klitsner, Torah Scholar & Teacher, Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem

Yaffa Epstein, Talmud Teacher, Director Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, America

Cherie Koller-Fox, Jewish Educator

Clive Lawton, Educationalist & Formerly Melton Faculty UK;  founder Limmud UK