The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish learning is an international network of community-based schools that aims to positively impact the destiny of the Jewish people by offering adults the opportunity to acquire Jewish literacy in an open, trans-denominational and intellectually stimulating learning environment.

This is a project of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

With 50 locations in North America, Great Britain, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Hong Kong, the Melton School is the largest inclusive adult Jewish education network in the world.

Are you looking for a profound understanding of what it means to be Jewish? Join us to explore the texts of our tradition through sequential and comprehensive text-based curricula, and discover how they relate to us today.

Studying with Melton improves Jewish lives — in a recent research study two-thirds of those interviewed reported a strengthening or enhancement in different facets of Jewish life.

Discover what it means for you to be authentically Jewish.

What Makes the Melton School Unique?

▪Commitment to Learning

Students enroll in a sequential two-year course developed specifically for adult learners. They meet one day a week throughout the academic year. There are no examinations. The only prerequisite is a commitment to learn. The Melton School infuses students with a desire to make Jewish learning a way of life which often continues beyond the first two years into Melton School graduate courses.

▪Sophisticated Curriculum

Four text-based courses make up the sequential two-year curriculum written by a team of experts at the Hebrew University’s Melton Centre for Jewish Education—the world’s largest academic center for Jewish education.

▪Quality Teaching and Learning

To preserve the high standards which are the hallmark of the Melton School, all faculty members—educators within the community—must participate in ongoing professional enrichment programs. This also contributes to the community’s educational resources. Questioning and dialogue are encouraged in a pluralistic classroom environment.

▪Israel-Diaspora Partnership

Jewish Federations, Jewish Community Centers, Bureaus of Jewish Education and community coalitions are the Hebrew University’s partners in the Melton School. This ensures a community commitment to maintaining the high level of quality expected of each Melton School. There are study and enrichment seminars for alumni, faculty and directors at the Hebrew University: the Melton Travel Seminars for Graduates, the Faculty Israel Seminar and the International Directors Conference.