Israeli Literature as a Window to Israeli Society 

This course takes you on a literary journey offering a fresh and fascinating examination of Israeli society since the rebirth of the State in 1948. Here you will encounter Israeli society through the pens of Israel’s leading writers discovering an Israeli society that is original, contemporary, honest, and proud. Great insights into the Israeli national psyche through reflections of the mythic Israel are matched by poetry and prose that is challenging and self-critical.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 – If I Forget Thee… Longing for Zion

Lesson 2 – Hebrew or Jewish? Speaking in Tongues

Lesson 3 – Tel Aviv – The First Hebrew City

Lesson 4 – A Poet and His City: Amichai’s Jerusalem

Lesson 5 – The Trauma of the Shoah

Lesson 6 – Pro Patria Mori – War and Its Impact

Lesson 7 – Women’s Writing

Lesson 8 – The Clash Between Land and Identities

Lesson 9 – What Lies Beyond the Blue Mountain?

Lesson 10 – Love of the Land – Ami Chai