Members of the Tribe

Members of the Tribe 

In this short six-session quest, we’ll dive deep into a fundamental, challenging question for Members of the Tribe: “What is the overarching purpose of Judaism?” Together, we’ll examine aspects of what might be considered the Jewish mission, a blend of practices that distinguish us as Jews, and what to do with this idea of being called the “Chosen People.” Prepare to explore how Big Jewish Ideas and lessons from our history serve to enrich our collective actions as individuals and as a people. 

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 – Living a Jewish Life
Finding Purpose Through Reflection

Lesson 2 – Just Remember
Symbols and Reminders in Judaism

Lesson 3 – Let My People Grow
The Exodus from Egypt as a Jewish Calling

Lesson 4 – Chosen People, Chosen Purpose
The concept of “chosenness” through both a traditional and a contemporary lens

Lesson 5 – Holy Guacamole
What Does It Mean to Keep Kosher?

Lesson 6 – Jerusalem If I Forget You…
Israel and the Diaspora