The Star and the Crescent: A History of Jewish-Muslim Relations

The Star and the Crescent: A History of Jewish-Muslim Relations

Jews and Muslims have co-existed peacefully and contentiously, for more than a millennium. While looking at the commonalities between Judaism and Islam, this course looks closely at the sources of tension and conflict between them. Following the establishment of Islam, it was better to be Jewish in a Muslim country than a Christian one; later however, the relationship between Jews and Muslims deteriorate – particularly in the Middle East. Elsewhere, Jews and Muslims continue to find ways to coexist peaceably and often productively. This course will examine the longstanding relationship between Judaism and Islam, Jews, and Muslims, while broadening our understanding and challenging our assumptions.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 – Jewish and Muslim “Biblical” Narratives

Lesson 2 – Cousin or Adversary: Images of Jewsin the Quran and the Hadith

Lesson 3 – Islam in the Mind of the Rabbis

Lesson 4 – Convivencia: A Re-Appraisal

Lesson 5 – Kabbalists and Sufis: Islamic Influence on Jewish Thought

Lesson 6 – Under Suleiman and the Ottomans

Lesson 7 – On the Periphery of Islam – Morocco and Persia

Lesson 8 – Colonial Rule and the Allures of Being Europeanin an Islamic World

Lesson 9 – Nationalisms in Conflict

Lesson 10 – Muslims and Jews in the Non-Islamic World