Student Chat

Students are empowered to enter the Jewish conversation,up their textual skills in a structured yet non-prescriptive learning environment. This is what they have to say:


“I am loving the Melton course.  To be honest, the two presenters were my MAIN reason for signing up. I hardly looked at the course content in the beginning as I reckoned anything that Ronnie and Rabbi Greg had to say/teach would be worthwhile and how right I was.  It has been excellent and highly stimulating thus far.  I am VERY glad I am part of this year’s intake”
Hilary Waters

“I am a Jewish convert who always wanted to learn more about Judaism, the Jewish beliefs, religious practices, different religious festivals, celebrations, and history. The Melton Adult Jewish Learning course is excellent for people like myself who would like to learn more about Judaism and the Jewish way of life. All the modules are well set out and all the lecturers are very knowledgeable & experienced.”
Eugene Kruss van der Heever

“I knew in advance that I would enjoy the Melton Israeli Literature course – but I had no idea I would learn as much as I have – or that I would enjoy it even more than anticipated. Many of the selected texts were poems – works whose depth and richness I could never have understood and appreciated without our teacher, Aviva Laskov’s, acute, insightful and sensitive analyses – qualities she brought to all the texts. In this course, as with all Melton courses, I also learnt a great deal from the other class members’ experiences and interpretations. And I am delighted to note, that despite having myself taught courses on ‘Israeli Society’, my knowledge was greatly enriched through this literary lens. The course indeed lives up to its name as ‚a window to Israeli society‛!”
Sally Frankental

Studying the course ” Shivim Panim Bereishit” was like chewing an everlasting “Charlie and the Chocolate factory gobstopper. While it may not have 70 actual flavours, it enriched my understanding of difficult and complex Torah themes like the first murder and the Akeidah. Since this course I read weekly Torah portions with a new insight and consciousness. This has strengthened my belief that the wisdom of the Torah continues to reveal itself in a relevant and meaningful way.”
Hayley Rubin

“Foundations of Jewish Family Living – Jewish values for parents to share with their children. We would all like to raise our children to be ‘menchses‛, and this course explores how we can use traditional stories and the lessons within them, to do just that.
IMG_3586Discussing the texts (both traditional and contemporary) with fellow participants in a facilitated yet, comfortable and informal environment, adds to the richness of the experience. The course empowers us to not only take the conversations home, but to incorporate the messages into our own behaviour,
improving us as role models for our children. It was exciting to witness how relevant the different themes and ideas were each week, and how accessible the messages were through the stories and books. This course helps both adults and children to distinguish those values they would like to cultivate and improve within themselves, and with respect to others in a most interesting and engaging approach – a great way to introduce Emotional Intelligence (EQ) learning in an informal yet traditional manner.” Natalie Barnett

borders2“I have enjoyed Melton’s Shivim Panim: Bemidbar course immensely. Rabbi Opert engages with the deep anxieties in the Biblical text over Israel’s relationship with God and how traditional and modern commentary has addressed questions on leadership, service of Hashem, unity and sin. I would recommend a Shivim Panim course to anyone ready for a serious entanglement with the text and the tradition.”
Louis Blond 

“The social aspects of the classes are great;  the class discussions are dynamic;  the disagreements are passionate (of course we disagreed sometimes….that’s the Jewish way of learning). You will learn surprising things every class and you will leave each class with a feeling of accomplishment. This would be a great way to start the New Year…please consider enriching your Jewish self by taking these classes.”
Alan, overseas visitor