Shemot Part 2

Shemot Part 2

Focusing on some of the world’s most profound stories, the Shiv’im Panim (“70 Faces”) series highlights 70 text selections from the Jewish Bible Based on the tradition that Torah has “70 faces,” or ways to interpret and understand it. The curriculum features a multi-faceted approach to Torah study incorporating:

  • Modern and classical commentaries
  • Interpretations by rabbis, scholars, artists, and poets
  • Key Hebrew vocabulary
  • Discussions of the real-life implications the stories have for us in our time

This course follows the development of the emerging Jewish nation from their awe-inspiring encounter at Sinai through the building of the tabernacle in the wilderness. The high points of divine revelation are sharply contrasted with the low points of the Golden Calf incident and overarching sense of despair. The text addresses many of the laws and regulations that would later bring great meaning, purpose, and relevance to our lives. 

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 – Preparing for Revelation

Lesson 2 – Aseret HaDiberot (The Ten Commandments)

Lesson 3 – Luchot HaBrit (The Tablets of Covenant)

Lesson 4 – Take Responsibility

Lesson 5 – For You Were Strangers in the Land of Egypt

Lesson 6 – God, the Warrior and Conqueror

Lesson 7 – Encountering God

Lesson 8 – Golden Calf

Lesson 9 – Face to Face with God

Lesson 10 – Giving from the Heart