Jewish Denominations: Addressing the Challenges of Modernity 

Jewish Denominations: Addressing the Challenges of Modernity 

This course is a fascinating study of the explosion in contemporary Judaism as reflected in the denominations. A fresh examination of Jewish identity and religious expression against the backdrop of dramatic political and social change of the past 300 years will be uncovered, revealing extensive insights into the historical and ideological developments of the major Movements. The impact of gender, assimilation, Israel, and post-denominationalism will be explored in depth.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 – Introduction: The Emergence of a Denominational Perspective in Response to Modernity

Lesson 2 – Religion Encounters Modern Europe I: The Rise of Reform Judaism in the 19th Century

Lesson 3 – Religion Encounters Modern Europe II: Traditionalist Reactions to Reform and Modern Culture

Lesson 4 – The Evolution of Reform Judaism in America

Lesson 5 – Conservative Judaism and Reconstructionism in America

Lesson 6 – Ideology and the Synagogue-Center: Visions of Conservative Judaism

Lesson 7 – American Orthodoxy: Divisions and Realignment

Lesson 8 – Jewish Denominationalism through the Lens of Gender and Sexual Identity

Lesson 9 – Jewish Peoplehood and Jewish Denominations

Lesson 10 – Beyond Denominationalism