Focusing our attention on some of the world’s oldest and most profound stories, the Shiv’im Panim (70 Faces) series highlights 70-text selections from the Jewish Bible. Based on the tradition that the Torah has 70 ways of interpreting and understanding it, this curriculum features a multi-faceted approach to Torah study utilizing:

  • Modern and classical commentaries
  • Textual interpretations by rabbis, scholars, artists, and poets
  • Opportunities to learn key Hebrew vocabulary
  • uncovering the real-life implications of the story’s contemporary relevancy

The fateful journey of Israel’s wandering in the wilderness presented numerous tests for Moses and Aaron. Over and again their leadership was questioned with various personalities rising to challenge them. In exploring the biblical narratives describing the 40-year journey, learners will be surprised to note the timeless nature of the stories and how their lessons can be applied to solving communal challenges of the present and future. This course introduces literary tools often used in biblical scholarship encouraging us to pause and rethink commonly held beliefs about perceived heroes and rebels of the narrative so familiar to us.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 – Come with Us

Lesson 2 – Murmuring and Complaints

Lesson 3 – Humility in the Face of Criticism

Lesson 4 – Send in the Spies

Lesson 5 – Rebellion in the Wilderness

Lesson 6 – Thirst for Water: Déjà-vu or Something New?

Lesson 7 – Bil’am Sets Out

Lesson 8 – Sinners and Zealots

Lesson 9 – A Fathers Name – His Daughters’ Legacy

Lesson 10 – East Side Story: Pioneers or Opportunists?