The Rachel Wasserman Scholars Curriculum

BEYOND BORDERS: The History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Beyond Borders: The History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict provides students with a strong, text-based historical overview from the late nineteenth century through today.

Course material is designed to encourage discussion and debate, and to challenge students to appreciate the basis of the conflicting historical claims made by all sides in the conflict.

The complexity of the conflict forces students to grapple with issues of religion, culture, history, politics, economics, identity and survival—all reflected through primary sources, including newspaper articles, poetry, songs, government documents, speeches, photographs and memoirs.

The 20-lesson course will provide students with new tools for understanding and critiquing texts and events as the conflict continues to unfold.

TIME: 7:15pm until 9:00 pm

DATE: 19 April 2017

VENUE: Herzlia High School

COST: R3000 (Melton Graduates) / R3200 (Non-Melton Graduates)