Photo of charles mendelowCHARLES (ZEMACH) MENDELOW is a practicing attorney in Johannesburg specialising in Family Law and Divorce Mediation.  Charles majored in English Literature at the University of the Witwatersrand. After his university studies he spent two years at Chabad  Chassidic Yeshivot both in Israel and in Brooklyn New York, where he was privileged to have great Chassidic teachers tutor him in the in depth study of many of the  mystical texts. Zemach spent the entire summer in 1975 attending at all the public addresses of the late Lubavitcher  Rebbe and, has  had a number of private interviews and  personal encounters with him. Charles has, from the time he was a young adult for the past 43 years ,  immersed himself in the daily study of the Jewish Mystical texts.