What connects a hunger strike in 1953 at Kibbutz Ein-Shemer, Stalin, and the Spanish Inquisition?

What links a young bride who shuts herself up in a bedroom on her wedding day refusing to get married and an ordinary girl selling ice-cream one summer?

Is it all about politics? Fake news? Or maybe the #MeToo movement?

Come join us for an interactive talk about Israeli literature – more specifically women’s literature.

While the purpose of this session is to trace how women writers in Israel have added their voices to Israeli literature, Aviva will also give an overview of some of the books the Midrasha will offer in a book club style series, during 2023

The following books will be referred to in this session:

(1)  Orly Castel- Bloom: An Egyptian Novel (2015)

(2) Ayelet Gundar-Goshen: The Liar, and the City  (2018)

(3) Ronit Matalon: And the Bride Closed the Door (2016)