It’s a Date! Marking Time the Jewish Way

Gain new insights into days that mark profound moments in Jewish History and seasonal events.

This course explores the workings of the Jewish calendar.

We will discuss our holidays and rituals from practical, religious and spiritual perspectives.

We’ll share personal and collective memories.”

Just in Time” for the upcoming Chaggim!

Lesson topics:
Lesson 1 – Marking the Moons: The Jewish Calendar
Lesson 2 – Awe-some Holy Days: New Year, New Beginning
Lesson 3 – Mistakes and Mindfulness: A Day of Forgiveness
Lesson 4 – Uniting in Joy: Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret, Simchat Torah
Lesson 5 – Retelling and Reconnecting: The Pesach Seder Up-Close
Lesson 6 – Harvesting the Field and Soul: Shavuot through the Ages