Antisemitism: Why the Longest Hatred Persists?

Lesson 1: From Jew Hatred to antisemitism

Lesson 2: The Dissemination of antisemitism

Lesson 3: From Words to Flames – The Holocaust

Lesson 4: From antisemitism to anti-zionism – A Continuum

Lesson 5: Global antisemitism today 

Lesson 6:  Antisemitism in South Africa  (taught by local expert)

Antisemitism: Why the Longest Hatred Persists?

The flames of antisemitism have once again been stoked, reignited from the embers of the past. Examine the roots of antisemitism and current expressions of this smoldering hate. Explore how Christian anti-Jewish fervor evolved into modern political movements in the 19th century which led to the incendiary fires of the holocaust. Contemplate how the holocaust, traditional Jew hatred in Russia provoked hatred in the Arab world, and see how these historic roots have shaped antisemitism today around the globe and in South Africa.

Taught by Yael Weinstein:

Yael Weinstein, MA, is an American Jewish educator. Formerly the Director of Community and Online Learning for the Melton International, Yael also worked in the Colorado Melton Community and in Orlando as educator and the Director of Adult Education. Yael earned her Master of Arts degree in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies from Brandeis in 2006, focusing on antisemitism and Jewish Identity. While at Brandeis, Yael was a teaching assistant for Dennis Ross, former USAmbassador, for his course on the Arab-Israeli conflict. Yael is the author of the Melton Crossroads of Jewish History course and has revised the Melton’s Beyond Borders: A History of the Arabi-Israeli Conflict.