Shiv’im Panim: Seventy Faces of Wisdom


Bereshit 1: From Adam to Abraham

The stories take us from the universal tales of the creation of the world, the flood, and the Tower of Babel to the foundational tales of Abraham and Sarah, and the beginnings of the Jewish people. The themes of family and faith, honor and dishonor, passion and power provide a rich exploration of our people and ourselves.

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Bereshit 2: Stories of the First Jewish Family

Follow the development of the first Jewish family, from “The Birth of Two Nations” and “Stolen Blessings” to “Reunion in Egypt” and “Blessing the Grandchildren.” These stories of sibling rivalry, wrestling with an angel, palace seduction, rape, and reconciliation provide some of the most dramatic and iconic images of our Biblical narrative.

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Shemot 1: From Slavery to Sinai

Shemot I brings us the Egyptian narrative of our people from “Pharoah’s Paranoia” and “Moshe’s CV” to the dramatic story of our rescue, and survival in the wilderness during “Into the Sea” and “Manna from Heaven.” Leadership, bravery, faith, and doubt define some of the critical moments in these texts and offer us a rich backdrop for challenging our own assumptions.

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Shemot 2: Revelation and Revolution

The high points of divine revelation in “Ten Commandments,” “Encountering God,” and “Face to Face with God” are contrasted with the low points of the “Golden Calf: Revolt or Reversion.” The text addresses some of the specific laws and regulations that were to become part of Jewish living as well as their meaning, purpose, and relevance to our lives today.

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Bemidbar: Leadership Defied and Defended

Introducing literary tools often used by scholars in the study of the Bible, and invites participants to revisit and rethink commonly held beliefs about the perceived heroes and rebels of the biblical narrative.

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