International Staff

Key International Staff

The uniqueness and superiority of Melton curricula and methodology is guided by this international team

tb-1.phpJudy Mars Kupchan CEO, Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning Corp.

Before becoming the CEO in 2012, Judy was Director of the North American Division for several years and served the international Melton School in various leadership positions since 1994. She began her long tenure with Melton as the founding director of the BJE Chicago Melton School , where she launched the Melton School for Educators and co-authored the Teacher Enrichment Program curriculum with Betsy Katz. More…

Dr. Howard Deitcher Director of the Florence Melton Institute

tb.phpHoward is a tenured faculty member at the Melton Centre for Jewish Education at the Hebrew University and its former director (2002-2008). He is the current educational director of the Revivim Program at the Hebrew University, which trains outstanding university students to teach Jewish Studies in Israeli national schools. From 1996-2001 he served as director of the Mandel Jerusalem Fellows Program in Jerusalem. More…

tb-2.phpRabbi Morey Schwartz, Director of Education

As Director of Education, Morey provides educational leadership for the Melton School, maintaining the Melton School’s world-class standing in the field of adult learning while supervising the continued growth and development of its world-renowned curriculum. Morey supervises the content and the delivery of the Melton School curriculum, and works closely with the CEO of the Corporation in Chicago in establishing short- and long-term goals for meeting the educational needs of our schools and branching out into new educational venues. More…

Haim Aronovitz, Director of Travel Seminars (Israel)

tb-3.php Haim is responsible for the development of Israel Seminars. He holds an MA from the Hebrew University in Contemporary Jewry, with an emphasis on informal Jewish education. He helped develop and then directed the Israel Experience Staff Training Institute at Melitz. He has worked as a tour educator for the Israel Seminar and as a staff member of the Melton Centre’s Jewish Educators Training Institute, and also serves as educational coordinator of the Senior Educators Program.